If you enjoy gun or bow Hunting and the Great Outdoors - then it's time to make reservations for a trip to Alabama's Whetstone Plantation. Just a few miles from a major metropolitan area, you will feel as though you have traveled to a time when life was calm and graceful. In the morning, you can take time to appreciate the crisp sunrise as it slowly melts the dew on the open fields. In the evening, as you relish over the success of your day's hunt, you again notice the beautiful fireball sunset across the lush forest and the scenic beauty of Ivy Creek dividing the land naturally as it winds it's way quietly toward the Alabama River.

1997 was the first year the plantation was open for Guided Deer Hunts. For over 100 years only a few family and friends have had the pleasure of hunting on Alabama's Whetstone Plantation.

Whetstone Plantation's deer population management practices are producing Trophy Deer. Our 4 to 5 year old deer will weigh approximately 180-235 pounds and often score between 130-165 Boone and Crockett. CLICK HERE to browse our photo album and see some of the trophies taken in recent years.

We welcome you to join us in continuing a great hunting tradition in...

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